Making Disciples Among the Nations

Is God Calling You? Yes

Are you wondering if God might be calling you to something bigger and greater, something that involves serving others and making a difference in the world? Check out this video to see if it answers that question.

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Explore and Experience

Discover how others have asked and answered that same question before you, and see how God uses ordinary people who trust Him to serve His purpose in the world.

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Where to from Here

Get started on your missionary journey today! Begin by serving in your local church and becoming a mission advocate. Seek out a missionary mentor to guide you along the way. Find out how.

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Indonesian Cross-Cultural Institute

The Indonesian Cross-Cultural Institute (ICCI) is a Bible College that trains Indonesian nationals as missionaries and evangelists. The main goal is to equip students, most of whom come from rural areas and are not highly educated, to share the gospel in places that are considered unreached. ICCI relies on student sponsorship to cover the costs of feeding, housing, and teaching each student, and transitioning to a financially sustainable model requires time, effort, and prayerful wisdom.


Book Van Ministry

The ministry operates bookshops, mobile book vans, and Bible correspondence courses in one of the top 10 countries where Christians are persecuted. Despite facing opposition and challenges, the ministry aims to share the gospel through friendships and conversations, and hopes to receive prayer and financial support to continue their work.


Support a National Leader with English

By spending just one hour a week chatting and encouraging local Christian leaders from all over the world in English, you can help break the language barrier that holds them back from important networking opportunities with other mission agencies. With your support, these leaders can overcome this obstacle and missionary can successfully pass on the leadership baton to the local leaders, ensuring the growth and flourishing of their communities.